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me? hmm... couldn't come up with anything cool to say, so i'll just give you 15 facts about me...

  1. i consider sitting in front of TV as a day job,
  2. i think that geeks are the most advanced race on earth,
  3. i praise Andy Warhol for creating a culture,
  4. i cried for Master Kenobi in episode III,
  5. i'm in love wit Gregory House,
  6. i believe if i look at a sky long enough i'll witness a flying saucer,
  7. i'm a sucker for a nice book cover,
  8. i have a secret infatuation for J-Dramas,
  9. i wud love to have a tattoo someday,
  10. i dream of working for Spielberg in the future,
  11. i think about myself most of the time,
  12. i believe in any kind of conspiracy,
  13. i pretend to have an exciting life on a daily basis,
  14. i wear Darth Vader watch that cudn't even tell the right time, aaaand...
  15. i plot a world domination scheme in my spare times..

got the idea?

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